My name is Kelley and I am a Chatty Cathy.

11 Feb

What can I teach all of you?  This is the question that has been going through my busy little head for the past couple days.  That is when I wasn’t thinking about food, sleep or those crazy kids from the Jersey Shore.  What  have I done long enough to be able to elicit credible, reliable and all around good advice to all of you?  As I rack my brain to identify what I am skilled at, I find it easier to come up with a list of things I’m not very good at.  First off, I’m terrible with math.  Sure, I can add basic single digits, but anything past 20 and I’m out of fingers, toes, and luck.  I’m a horrific driver.  If it takes me 20 minutes to get there, I don’t need to go that badly.  And last but certainly not least, I don’t clean very well or often. One might think that because I don’t clean very well I would need to do it more often.  However, one would be wrong.

So, here I am going on and on about what I’m bad at.  And I could continue to go on and on, but I guess that’s what I’m best at.  I’m a Chatty Cathy through and through.  I love talking, I love words, I love communicating.  However, what I love the most about all three of those things is the end result.  Talking to someone using the perfects words to communicate a message that they understand so well that they could not have said it better themselves.  To me, that is a perfect moment.

Simply put: words are powerful.  Think about a quote you remember or really like.  It could be any quote from Ghandi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” to Jerry Maguire’s “You complete me”, those messages would not have had the same impact if the words were different.  Effective communication has the power to do so much.  From gaining better understanding of your partner and kids to building betting relationships with your clients, peers, and boss. Effective communication is key.  It’s always important to say what you mean and mean what you say, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are multiple ways to convey exactly what you want, so that you and the other party understands perfectly.

What I aim to do is offer insight into my experiences.  You’ll see how I’ve been able to communicate well, how I’ve embarrassed myself by saying what I didn’t mean and how I can be better.


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