Words aren’t for everyone (I’m talking to you Alexandra Wallace).

23 Mar

By now I’m sure many of you have seen the UCLA rant addressing the loud Asians in the library.  The whole thing bothers me.  Not because I’m Asian, but because I’m human, have ears and the ability to hear.  If you haven’t seen the video it’s basically a blonde girl ranting about her complaints in regards to the overpopulation of Asians occupying the UCLA campus and their various “offensive” behaviors (ie: talking on their cell phones in the library, inviting their entire family to wash clothes in a community Laundromat, etc).  It’s ironic that she has the audacity to deem their behavior offensive, yet she fails to recognize how completely inappropriate her entire video is.  The fact that she has her own opinion is fine. What’s not so great is documenting it, posting it on the World Wide Web, and not expecting any kind of backlash. 

Words are powerful; they mean something even if you don’t intend them to.  It’s always important to keep tact in mind.  Being outspoken doesn’t mean being rude and being candid doesn’t have to be offensive. As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an opinion (even if it is politically incorrect).  In fact, I commend women who have a voice, take a stand and make themselves heard, however, the words that are chosen and the way they are interpreted should be taken into consideration.  You don’t have to give up your message, just change the vocabulary. I’m sure she wasn’t the only person bothered by the loud people (who happen to be Asian) on their phones in the library.  There are many alternative ways she could have expressed herself that would have pissed off a hell of a lot less amount of people. 

My views and beliefs aren’t parallel to everyone else’s but despite not agreeing with you I’ll respect what you said because of how you said it. In the end, you might not have changed my mind but you may have opened my eyes to things I didn’t see before. 

Photo credt: http://www.singlespeedstella.com/


2 Responses to “Words aren’t for everyone (I’m talking to you Alexandra Wallace).”

  1. Michelle Fox March 23, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    Well said Kelley. It’s ok to express an opinion as long as you do it with tact.


    • kelleyzwong March 23, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

      I’m glad you agree. The vernacular that she uses to describe her peers was so inappropriate and socially insensitive. No one likes being disrupted at the library or waiting for a washer/dryer, but there are a million other ways she could have expressed herself.

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