Lessons in Blogging: Part 1

10 May

As mentioned in my last post, I started this blog as an assignment never thinking it was going to be as cathartic or enjoyable as it is, but turns out I actually really like it.  Not the easiest hobby or even relaxing, but what I’ve been able to gain from doing this for the past three months has been irreplaceable.  Before I started blogging I had some assumptions going in that proved, once again, how I don’t know everything (funny how that happens).

Blogging isn’t easy

My thought process going into this was, “I like writing and I like words. I’ll write about words.”  Well, this idea didn’t exactly stick around very long. Turns out, as fascinating as I find words others probably beg to differ.  Having an educational background in PR and marketing means I always have to have an angle.  I always have to have a reason for writing about what I choose to write about and finding a reason to write about words… not the easiest task.

Being unique is harder than it seems

Growing up we all learn that we’re unique or special in our own way.  As adults, we get lost in the clutter. It becomes exponentially more difficult to feel special when we get older and almost impossible to stand out online.  Finding something, anything, that’s uniquely yours is a challenging and daunting task.  Whether it’s drawing disturbing additions on celebrity pictures (similar to the always classy Perez Hilton) or showing people how to cook through pictures (as The Pioneer Woman does has made my time in the kitchen much easier), find what makes your site yours and stick to it.

Get over yourself

Just because you’re posting doesn’t mean it’s being read.  I was completely over thinking my first couple of posts when -5 people were reading them.  Not every post needs to be award-winning literature because chances are that the actual amount of people reading your writing is usually less than you want. Write about what you enjoy and don’t over think it because no one is ever as critical of you as you are of you.

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/ldFCmE, http://bit.ly/mpVzEY, http://bit.ly/lVLpep


2 Responses to “Lessons in Blogging: Part 1”

  1. john May 10, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Learning the same lessons along the way. Man that last photo just gives me the creeps. Think how our narcissistic ways look to others. Not a nice image eh?

    • kelleyzwong May 10, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

      I definitely never realized how much attention I needed until I started blogging or how much satisfaction I could get from other’s “Likes” and Retweets.

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