Lessons in Blogging: Part 2

11 May

Yesterday’s post was about my terrible assumptions I made about blogging, but I think in the last three months I’ve learned a lot.  Aside from the simple, “the longer you do it, the better you’ll become” , I’ve become accustomed to waking up and having the thought, “What can I blog about today?” consistently running through my head.  I don’t always have an answer to that question, although I wish I did (that would make my life a lot easier).   Some of the things I’ve learned recently may not be helpful to everyone, but I’ll gladly share them in hopes of inspiring someone.

Blog about the familiar

When I started this blog I wanted to write about something profound.  I wanted to write about things that blew people’s minds.  Well I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that, but I can honestly say I’m completely satisfied with everything I’ve written and posted.  They may not be the most eloquently written and the topics may not be spectacular, but everything I write about are things I know.  I would feel like an A-hole offering insight on topics I have no clue about because I am confident readers would be able to tell.  I write about communicating and effectively saying what you mean because it’s what I do frequently.  I know that I don’t know it all, but I am confident that I know some and I want to share that with you.

Do it because you want to

Sometimes it’s just not a blogger’s day.  There are days when no matter hard I try, words just aren’t there and that’s ok.  Posts should never be forced to meet a deadline or contrived as a result of desperation.  They should be enjoyable to write and enjoyable to read.  I purposely chose a pretty broad category to write about because I wanted options and I wanted variety.  Communication and words are the meat and potatoes of my blog, but who wants to eat meat and potatoes every day?

Share your experiences

People may not like talking about themselves, but it’s always enjoyable to hear stories.  So many things happen in a day that if I didn’t write them down, it would be a waste.  I love sharing stories, not just about myself but others as well.  Stories engage, connect and intrigue people.  They make you human and relatable.  I always find it easier to write about topics that somehow relate to me because I can’t tell what to do, but I can tell you how I failed, succeeded or learned and hope that you’ll take that into account the next time you have a conversation with a 4-year-old or consider joining Twitter.

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/jOZSXC, http://bit.ly/kUZdq2, http://bit.ly/ixpcZi


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