Who wants to have fun this summer?

2 Jun

Summer break started about four weeks ago, but I’ve only gotten one real week off from school.  I remember a time when school breaks were actual breaks and not just a period between semesters to cram in additional classes.  Those days are long gone.  In a way, I kind of enjoy taking classes when I’m on summer break.  Three months is way too long for my brain to rest.  For those of you who are enjoying your summer break (I use the word “summer” loosely as it is in the 50s where I am and I’m breaking out the space heater for my room tonight), I’ve thought of a few activities that I enjoy which are both fun and educational.  I am aware that this post may potentially read similar to a PBS children’s show.


I was at a BBQ earlier this week and after I had willingly stuffed myself with an outrageous amount of food (I should have worn my Thanksgiving pants instead of jeans), we played Apples-to-Apples.  The game is fairly simple: Player 1 chooses a card with a green card with an adjective on it (“scary”, “magical”,  “disgusting”) and places it face up on the table, the other players choose from the seven red cards in their hand which noun or pronoun best suits the description and they place their choice face down.  Player 1 then looks at all of the nouns and chooses which noun s/he thinks matches the adjective best.   It’s tricky because what you assume is the best noun may not be what others choose. Most of the time you’re deciding between choosing the noun that actually fits the description or choosing the noun that’s the funniest/most offensive.


I like this game because it involves words and working under pressure, which I love. It fulfills my need to always be stressed out about something.  Each player races against a timer to find words that are associated with various topics but they all have to start with a certain letter. Having a larger vocabulary definitely gives you an advantage in this game because once the timer goes off, each player reads off their words and you gain points for every word you come up with that fulfills the categories, but you don’t get points if other players have the same words.


I can’t make a list of word games without including Scrabble. However, it has to be Scrabble. Not Words with Friends, not Scrabble Slam, and definitely not Upwords.   Scrabble is the best game ever.  So much so that I’m not going to taint your opinion of it by describing the rules as I’m sure many of you already know how to play.  However I will say this:  acronyms are a cop out, keep a dictionary handy, and if you can’t use it in a sentence it’s probably not a word.

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/muNIAN, http://bit.ly/jhSziU, http://bit.ly/mUlpgs


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