Violation of speech or privacy?

8 Jun

When it comes to free speech I’m sure there’s a general consensus that it’s a good thing.  We all get to say what we want, state our opinions, debate with those who may not agree, but there are those occasional instances when the lines blur and we question whether everyone should have this right.   I bring this up because yesterday I came across this article and became annoyed and slightly confused.  Is Greg Fultz upset because A) he’s against abortions or B) he and his ex-girlfriend disagreed with how she should handle her pregnancy and he lost?   If it’s because of A than ok, voice your opinion and put up your pro-choice/anti-abortion billboard . However, if it’s because of B I can’t help but think, “grow up Greg Fultz”. It’s completely immature of him to take out his frustration and anger in public by airing his ex-girlfriend’s dirty laundry for everyone else to see.

The way I see it, it’s not really a matter of free speech. It’s a matter of privacy.  No one likes not getting their way or wanting something but not getting it, but we get to an age where we can handle these letdowns maturely and not feel the need to involve hundreds of others passing by.  No one actually wants to have an abortion, but for those that do have them it’s a personal choice.   A personal choice that’s really no one’s business, especially those that don’t even know  the predicament she was in.

It’s clear that Greg Fultzs is upset with his ex-girlfriend’s choice and he has every right to express his disdain, but the way he chose to do it makes me question if his childish act really makes him fit to parent the child he wanted.

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