Why apologize?

11 Jun

For a while the two hardest words for me were, “I’m sorry.” For some reason it was like pulling teeth for me to say those words. It made much more sense to me to blame everyone else as opposed to taking the blame and apologizing. “I’m sorry” meant “I’m wrong” it also meant “I messed up and made a mistake” it wasn’t something I wanted to admit, ever. It was always one thing for me to realize I had made a mistake, but issuing an apology meant actually admitting it and making it public so that others were aware as well. In retrospect, that was a very immature and naïve point-of-view.

In using other’s as scapegoats and never accepting blame I was damaging myself and hurting those around me. Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t signify weakness, it shows recognition and realization of one’s own errors and provides people a chance to correct their mistakes. There really aren’t do over’s in life, but apologizing allows us the opportunity to recognize any faults, fallacies or faux pas we may have made and the opportunity to fix them. We all know the importance of learning from our mistakes, but if we never acknowledge when they occur we don’t allow ourselves the chance to learn and that’s probably the worst part of it all.

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/kHRYAs


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