An intro to intros

15 Jun

We’ve all been there.  Whether it’s the first day of class, a meeting, or some other social event where we had to do ice breakers and no matter what ice breaker it is it usually has something to do with your name, what you do and something about yourself.  I never really saw the importance of these activities.  Unless there’s only a handful of people in the room there’s no way anyone is going to remember everyone’s name, place of employment and the tidbit of information about them.  Yet the way I see it, if we’re gonna do these intros I might as well make mine the one people remember.  Here’s how you can make the best of these scenarios:

Speak loud and clear

Oftentimes, I don’t hear half of the intros not because I’m not paying attention, but because I really can’t hear them (I have the hearing and eyesight of a 90-year-old).  When doing any kind of public speaking it’s so important to make sure everyone can hear you because even though you might find yourself interesting others may not, so invade their ear-space and make yourself heard.

What do you do?

I don’t like this question at all.  Mainly because I don’t have a super cool job I can talk about, but also because introductions are supposed to tell you something about a person and simply knowing what someone gets paid to do isn’t really learning much.  When it comes to answer this, I don’t usually address it.  Instead, I focus on what I enjoy doing because I do a lot of things many in which I don’t get a monetary reward for.  I run, drink wine, go to the dog park despite the fact that I don’t have a dog, etc.  I would much rather talk about something I enjoy doing rather than something I get paid to do.  By disclosing information like this others may be able to relate and before you know it you made a friend.

Be different

When it comes to disclosing something about you, I like hearing about things I don’t often hear about.  A lot of people talk about their kids or where they’re from which is great, but that doesn’t really stick out to me.  Might be because of my dislike for children or because about 1/3 of the class is going to talk about the same thing.  Tell them about an experience you had, something that makes you different, or even just a quirky talent.

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