How to avoid being an a-hole

23 Jun

Can we please take a moment to recognize the importance of tact? One of my biggest pet peeves is blatant rudeness and disregard for common courtesy. I believe tactlessness falls well into this category of pet peeves. Being tactful doesn’t mean constantly biting your tongue nor does it mean saying whatever you want with a smile or a laugh. Tact consists of a regard and filter for the content escaping your mouth. It’s a necessary and beneficial trait for all adults to have in order to sustain satisfying relationships with those around us. It’s important to keep in mind what is being said and how it’s being perceived when building personal and professional relationships.

Just because you’re laughing, doesn’t make it funny.

 Effective communication results in sending a message in a way the receiver understands, so coming off as condescending, tactless, and an all-around asshole really isn’t going to get you far. By choosing to offend the person you’re speaking to your message isn’t only going to not be received, but they’re more than likely going to be on the defense around you and it’s unlikely any message you choose to send, regardless of how it’s said, is going to be received well.

Similarly, intonation and tone of voice should be taken into consideration. How many times have you read a text message and couldn’t really decipher if it’s supposed to be funny, sarcastic, serious, etc.? It’s frustrating not understanding how something is being said, so it’s important to be consciously aware of how you sound and what you’re saying. As mentioned earlier just because you’re laughing, doesn’t make it funny; sometimes it just makes you an asshole.

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