I’m ready for my millions

2 Jul

This weekend I accompanied my roommates to get their tarot cards read. Never really a believer in energy colors, fortunes or chakra readings I was intrigued at the chance to sit in on an actually reading. I’m sure there are Negative Nancys out there (or Smart Barts as Mr. Kelley refers to them) who wouldn’t waste their time or money, but I figured it would be interesting or entertaining at the very least. Two of my roommates had appointments and we did not leave disappointed. As I had anticipated, much of her readings were pretty general with some embellishments. As she read my first roommate and then my second I found myself relating to much of what she said. I couldn’t help but think, “Am I sitting so close to her that she’s mixing up my reading with another’s?”

However, like communication always is despite who’s doing the speaking, the listener will always interpret what’s being said the way s/he wants to. The difference between the tarot reader and any other speaker is that her main goal wasn’t to get me to understand or interpret her message in any particular way. I could interpret it in any ambiguous way I pleased and it wouldn’t matter much to her. Yet when a speaker has a goal and a specific message in mind, s/he makes it a point to cater to the listener so that there is a mutual understanding. I’m not saying that the readings were completely inaccurate or a waste, but it’s difficult to deem them credible when they are as ambiguous and open to individual interpretation as they are. Without having a specific message, the words become a convoluted mix of indirect information that’s not effective or universally understood.

Side note: Before we left, she did say I was a socialite who was going to make millions by the time I’m 30, but that was a given.

Photo credit:http://bit.ly/jYiOeK


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