No phone, no flight

13 Jul

I do things sometimes that make me think, “I’m kind of a moron.”  One of those such occurrences took place today.  I was supposed to be on a 10:15 flight to Las Vegas, but I’m writing this at 10:33 and I’m still at the airport in Reno.  Needless to say, I missed my flight.  No, my car didn’t break down,I didn’ t wake up late, and my ride took me to the airport on time.  The reason for me being late is a silly one, and I’m rather embarrassed to admit, but I missed my flight because I forgot my phone at home.  I know…  I’m terrible.

Once I get to the airport I have this sinking, I-forgot-something-important feeling (why couldn’t that feeling come 10 minutes sooner?) sure enough my phone was missing.  Like the winner that I am I have no one’s phone number memorized, nor are they written down.The only available contacts I have are frequent diner cards for U-Swirl and MMM… Yogurt that I found in my wallet. As important as both these places are to me, I somehow don’t think they’re going to help me out of this pickle.  After another trip cabbing it to and from the airport here I am waiting for the next flight.  At least I’m super on time. This doesn’t happen very often. Now, I know why.  I have children on all sides of me whining, one sitting next to me whistling incessantly as if in a Disney movie, and another yelling, “Gimme mine! Gimme, gimme!” I’ll give her something…  (Please see re: I’m terrible.)

This incident goes to show how dependent I’ve become on my phone for contact.  I was extremely upset without it and probably would have cried if it were a particular time of month.  In retrospect, I probably could have made my original flight, cabbed it to my parents’ house, had my roommate mail me my phone and avoided the extra trips to and from the airport. But I only now realized this.  Like I said, I’m a winner.

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