Little girls, Big things

26 Jul

I know I’m not alone when I feel that somedays simply suck.  Not that today is one of those days, but sometimes things just do go your way or at times you simply don’t want to go to work and you’re left in a crappy mood because you’re forced to do all these things you don’t want to do.  No one likes feeling like this and no one likes having to come in contact with people who are feeling like this because it brings down everyone else.  Negativity spreads rapidly and easily, so the best thing to do when you’re in a foul mood is to quickly locate the source and end it.  I know it sounds a lot easier than it is to do, but what I find inspiring is this video:


I’ve watched it a handful of times and each time it makes me smile.  Daily positive affirmations can do wonders for your mood and self-esteem.  No need to jump on top of your counters, but positive reinforcement of what is good in your life will remind you that the negativity you currently feel isn’t worth it.  If a little 5-year-old has so much to love about her life just think about how much you’ve accomplished and all you have to enjoy.  Doing this and feeling better about yourself is beneficial for you, but it’s also beneficial for those around you.  No one enjoys being around a Negative Nancy or a Bitchy Betty.

Here’s another video that makes me feel better, not only about myself but about little girls everywhere:


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