It’s my 50th!

29 Jul

I’ve reached my 50th post! What started as a class assignment has turned into a weekly goal that I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple months and I’m happy that there’s a place that documents this growth. What I was aiming for when I started this blog was to receive a passing grade, but when that came and went this became an exercise for me to better what I’ve always enjoyed, writing and relating. Writing is the easy part, relating to others poses much more of  challenge.

Blogging can be daunting at times, especially in the beginning, but once you overcome the panic/fear that everyone is going to read and judge every word you write it gets much easier. Because truthfully, not many people will even read it. At least not as many as you want. Because isn’t that why you write and publish your posts anyway? To ascertain a following? Well, you’re never going to have as many readers as you hope for because you’ll always want more, and that’s a wonderful thing. Wanting and doing go hand-in-hand. By wanting to gain more readers, you’ll do your best to produce better posts in order to achieve your goal.

When I re-read posts I wrote when I first started blogging I slightly cringe. Despite it only being a couple months, I know what I produce now is much better than what it was and I’m hoping to continue getting better with each month. Blogging, like any other skill, flourishes with continual improvement. If you never start, you can never get better and that is doing a huge disservice to yourself and anyone else you may inspire.

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2 Responses to “It’s my 50th!”

  1. Tom saxton July 31, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Yah I’m at 54… No big deal…

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