How to: Discover new topics

12 Aug
When I discuss blogging with other new bloggers, I feel we all have the same problem: deciding what to write about.  This is probably the hardest and most time consuming process for me.  I’m so envious of those who never have a shortage of topics or run out of ideas because that my biggest problem.  Writing has always come easily to me, but coming up with a topic is where it gets tricky. When I hit a slump, here are somethings I do to get the ball rolling:



Think about the past couple days and any occurrences or conversations you had with people that sparked your interest.   Many of the topics I’ve written about occurred that week.  Perhaps this isn’t the case with everyone, but when I re-read past posts I’m most satisfied with those in which I speak from personal experience and can relate the topics to myself.  I can’t deem myself an expert at anything because I haven’t done anything long enough to consider myself an expert at, but when I look back at my own experiences and consider what I’ve learned I know I have something to offer.

Search the interweb

I have a handful of blogs that I visit daily and they’ve been helpful at providing ideas and news articles that peak my interest.  The blogs I visit aren’t parallel to what I blog about, but they’re a great resource when I have a brain fart.  Peruse blogs that you’re interested in and maybe you’ll come across something that you have an opinion on or an experience you want to share.

Give it a rest

Today might just not be your day.  Try again tomorrow. Sometimes you just don’t have anything to write about and that’s ok.  Forcing a post is worse than waiting another day.  Constantly think about potential topics, but if none come to mind than there’s always another 24 hours worth of topics that may come your way.  However if you desperately want to post something, just start typing away and edit later.  Something good will eventually result.
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