The benefit of meeting new people

16 Aug

I’ve addressed talking to strangers before in a previous post.  Mr. Kelley does not agree.   He believes there’s no point in sparking conversations with people you’re never going to see again.  In his opinion, why waste your time getting to know someone for a couple of minutes when you’re never going to use that information again once you walk away. I can definitely see his point and the rationalization behind it, but how would you get to know anyone new any other way?  It’s important to talk to people, even if it’s just for the day, because you never know who you’re going to meet.

Communicating and holding genuine conversations with one another is something we should all take time to do.  So much of our days are filled with work and facing a computer or TV screen that we forget that real people exist. All it takes is a single conversation to bring us back to reality.  I noticed that whenever I have a bad day or am in a terrible mood I don’t want to deal with people or exert the effort in sustaining any kind of conversation with anyone, let alone strangers, but when I do and it’s a positive exchange it has the ability to change my entire day.  That momentary lapse of negativity is all it took for it to disappear.

All it takes is one single conversation, with anyone, and your day could be better.  And the possibility of that one person being someone who could turn into a friend, client or employer isn’t so rare and for me, that’s never a waste of time.

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