AT&T, you disappoint me

16 Sep

Good customer service is something we all expect.  Businesses can’t afford to have their customers treated poorly, but what happens when the customer service is fine but the company repeatedly screws up in other aspects?  I’ve been dealing with AT&T for a couple of years now and when I moved last October I need to move my service as well.  Since last October I have called them about a dozen times in regard to the same exact issue: billing.  They are consistently billing me random amounts.  One month I’ll have a $0 balance yet next month I’ll get a bill for two months.  I’ve spent hours on the phone with them trying to resolve this (one phone call in particular lasted over an hour) yet the next month or so I have the exact same problem all over again. 

I don’t like getting frustrated with the representative on the phone because I know I’m not speaking to same person every time, but I can’t help sounding a little out-of-control because I’ve called so many times about the same thing and time after time when I get off the phone the issue will seemingly be resolved, yet I know I’m going to need to make the exact same call again in about 30-50 days.  So how am I supposed to handle this? 

In one aspect, I think it’s best to speak to them calmly and keep in mind that it isn’t the unfortunate person I’m speaking to’s fault that I keep getting screwed up bills.  Also, I want this person on my side and doing everything possible to clear additional charges. Yet on the other hand, I’m so angry with AT&T for repeatedly screwing up on something so simple.  So to answer my own question, I usually start off incredibly frustrated but manage to calm down halfway through because I end up feeling bad for the poor soul who has the unfortunate job of cleaning up someone else’s mess.  What have you done in the past?  What has or hasn’t worked when dealing with continuous problems?


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