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Cosmo Advice

9 Oct

Passive aggression has always been a concept that eludes me.  I’ve attempted it and failed miserably.  The “aggression” part I got down but the “passive” part, not so much.   I never really understood why people bothered to come up with ways for you to know they’re upset with you without outright saying, “I’m mad at you for X, Y and Z.”  It seems immature and a complete waste of time.  I also wouldn’t blame the other person for not responding at all because if something was truly bothering or upsetting you, it should mean enough for you to bring it up as opposed to tiptoeing around the matter giving hints of dissatisfaction. 

What makes me bring this up is rather embarrassing.  I had some free time before work last week so I picked up a magazine, Cosmo (what can I say, I’m an intellectual) and flipped through it.  I came across this section titled Bitch It Out. The title pretty much sums up what it’s about: readers send in letters and pictures of things they want to complain about. One part stuck out:  “Every sat there rolling your eyes as a text-addicted friend spends a dinner date with her thumbs glued to her cell? The next time she picks up the phone while you’re supposed to be catching up, text her, ‘I might as well be out to eat by myself, LOL!’ It gets the message across in a nonconfrontational way.”

I found this irritating for two reasons. Reason one: Yes, what the texter (let’s call her A) was doing was extremely rude and should have put the phone down and had lunch with their friend (let’s call her B) and engaged in a real conversation, yet how does that justify what the B did in response?  In my opinion, B’s passive aggressive response to all the texting was way worse than what A was doing.  If it really bothered her so much, why would it have been so difficult to simply ask the friend to stop texting as opposed to committing the crime herself and texting her anger?  I’m sure the texter thought, “I have tasted my own medicine and it is bitter.”

Reason two: I acknowledge that Cosmopolitan magazine is not exactly award-winning literature, but the fact that they endorse this type of information and “advice” is appalling and awful.  I realize that much of what is found in this magazine shouldn’t really be taken to heart, but they could have at least attempted to give advice that wasn’t laughable.