I’m interested in strategic thinking and creative solutions.  This is what fascinates me about the world of marketing and advertising. I love that at the heart of it all are words.  Words compel people to make a difference, inspires people to change and can light a spark that you never knew existed.  I am a firm believer in the power of persuasion.  There is nothing you can’t talk your way out of and no mind you can’t change.  There is always a common ground; you just have to work hard enough to find it.

I have a Bachelor’s in Journalism (public relations and advertising) and Speech Communication and am currently receiving my MBA. It’s kind of a weird combination, I’m aware of that, but it’s kind of hard to talk your way out of things when you don’t know how to count (I’m kidding.  I can count, not very high, but I can indeed count).   Never a fan of cold weather I also find it strange that I am in Reno, Nevada where it’s almost guaranteed to snow in spring, but after a couple of years here I’ve been able to look past that freezing temperature and actually appreciate the “biggest little city in the world”  for it’s decent AYCE sushi and close proximity to Lake Tahoe.

I spend most of my time doing school work, but the small amounts of free time I have are spent doing what any other 20-something year old girl would do.  Building Star-Wars Legos with my boyfriend.  Nah,that just happens a couple times a year, they’re expensive.  I enjoy reading about other people’s dysfunctional families (think David Sedaris), watching cheesy romantic comedies (He’s Just Not That Into You, I’ve actually presented a 20 minute formal presentation on the book.  It was very informative), and pretending to be on the Jersey Shore (Can I get a fist pump?!).

Yet on a serious note, I also spend a large chunk of my time trying to be a better communicator.  Whether it be non-verbal, written, or spoken I do have a slight obsession with learning to be better at it in all aspects.  I have no problem sharing my experiences with you, no matter how embarrassing.  So if you want to know more, stay tuned.


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